Confocal raman microscopy spectroscopy

Confocal Raman Microscopy/Spectroscopy
Confocal Raman Microscopy/Spectroscopy (CRM) brings together confocal imaging and Raman spectroscopy to provide capabilities not available to either Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy or the scanning electron microscope (SEM). CRM’s high resolution also fills a dimensional measurement gap between those two techniques.

The confocal imaging system provides a spectral image with consistent resolution of 200 nanometers, and in many cases it can provide useful data at the 100 nanometer level. That is an order of magnitude sharper than typical FTIR resolution.


CRM’s high resolution allows laser-illuminated Raman spectroscopy to focus on very tightly defined sample areas. This dramatically improves the ability to identify molecular-level components of both organic and inorganic samples. Because CRM produces both spectroscopic and optical images simultaneously, with the same instrument, identification of individual sources of specific spectroscopic profiles can be very accurate.

CRM’s digital Raman spectroscopy data can be stored and processed to reduce the effect of background-noise pollution in the electronic systems. That allows more accurate interpretation of noisy spectral data from trace components.

Because laser-illumination energy can penetrate the surface of samples, CRM can also reveal Raman spectroscopic data from subsurface layers. The confocal imaging system allows precise control of the depth where the spectroscopic data is acquired. This depth control (Z-axis imaging) allows layered samples to be analyzed without cutting cross-sections.

confocal raman spectral data
confocal raman spectral image

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