“A Standard TEM Procedure for Identification & Quantification of Asbestiform Minerals in Talc”

1990:40: Millette

Microscope, Vol 38, p. 457-468


A standard method for the preparation of powdered talc for transmission electron microscope (TEM) analysis has been developed to identify and quantify small quantities of asbestos and related minerals. The method utilizes an aqueous suspension treated with methyl cellulose. Particles are mounted by transferring a drop of the talc-water suspension to a TEM grid bearing a formvar film which has been coated with evaporated carbon. Once dry, two grids per sample are examined in the TEM at magnifications of 5,000X and 20,000X for elongate and fibrous particles. Morphology, crystal structure and elemental composition are used to identify and characterize particles of interest. Calculations are included to determine a detection limit and/or determine concentration in weight percent.

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