“Examination of Asbestos Floor Tile by White Light Interference Microscopy & Scanning Electron Microscopy”

2002:11: Millette, Brown

Microscope, Vol 50:4 173-177


This study involved the application of a scanning white light interference microscopy (SWLIM) surface profiler and scanning electron microscopy in the examination of the surfaces of asbestos-containing floor tiles after abrasion. Although asbestos-containing floor tiles are non-friable when new, it is evident that asbestos fibers are released from the tiles under certain circumstances. The mechanism involved in the release of asbestos fibers from a product in which a vinyl or asphalt binder is present has not been fully described. The results described here demonstrate the use of complimentary microscopy techniques to assess a mechanism by which asbestos fibers can be liberated from floor tile due to foot traffic.

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