“Health Effects and Prevalence of Asbestos Fibers in Drinking Water”

1979:127: Millette

Proceedings of AWWA, San Francisco, California. (2):1079-1093


Several independent actions of the Federal Government concerned with asbestos are progressing to some resolution. These actions impact on each other. HEW and the Navy are contacting shipyard workers who were exposed to asbestos during the war, the allowable occupational limit is being reconsidered, FDA has research underway on the asbestos count of injectable drugs, and on the development of methodology to analyze food for asbestos, the asbestos exposure ins schools and other public buildings is being assessed and controlled by EPA and the states, consideration is being given to considering asbestos as a hazardous air pollutant, the Consumer Products Safety Commission has become involved with asbestos in hair dryers at the urging of consumer groups, asbestos is one of the 65 consent decree chemicals for which EPA must produce a criteria document for effluent limits, EPA is considering regulating asbestos under the Toxic Substances Control Act, and the Office of Drinking Water, EPA is considering what to do about asbestos fibers in drinking water.

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