Product Failure Analysis

Product Failure Analysis


Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Metallurgical Failure
  • Coatings Failure
  • Corrosion Failure
  • Glass Delamination
  • Polymer Degradation
  • Contamination

Product and materials may fail to perform properly and/or malfunction unexpectedly. When this occurs, there is often an impact on manufacturing time, company finances, or the end user’s experience. Failure analysis can determine the root cause of these issues. Once the root cause is known, corrective action can be taken to eliminate the problem. Some of the most commonly encountered issues are coating failure, corrosion, glass delamination, polymer failure, metallurgical failure, and contamination.

Whether a product failure is due to material degradation, corrosion, or extreme pressure or temperature, MVA Scientific Consultants can provide the testing services needed to guide you to the solution of the problem.

We have over 26 years of experience helping our clients solve the most difficult product failure issues, potentially saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars. With experts in different scientific disciplines, including chemistry, physics, geology, and forensic science, we have the knowledge and the technical expertise to help you determine the root cause of a product failure.

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