Raman Spectroscopy Lab Services and Applications

Raman Spectroscopy Lab Services and Applications

In the Raman Spectroscopy Laboratory at MVA Scientific Consultants, our experts provide a wide spectrum of Raman analysis and Raman mapping applications. Raman analysis is an ideal technique for the qualitative and semi-quantitative analyses of organic and/or inorganic mixed materials. Samples analyzed by Raman spectroscopy include proteins, polymers, pharmaceuticals, minerals and other inorganics.

Raman applications and services offered by MVA:

  • Identification of organic and inorganic materials, polymers, and biomolecules in particles, defects and bulk materials
  • The determination of the presence of different carbon types including diamond, graphitic, nanoparticles and nanotubes, diamond-like carbon and amorphous carbon
  • Measurement of crystalline structures and stresses in semiconductors and polymers
  • Raman mapping analysis of the distribution of components in mixtures such as active pharmaceutical ingredients in excipients, tablets and drug-eluting stent coatings

ingredient distribution in tablet
raman mapping of component distribution in tablet

Left: Raman mapping analysis of component distributions in a tablet. Each color represents one ingredient. The color map shows the composite of five ingredients.

Below: Each map shows the distribution of one component within the tablet.

raman distribution tablet 1
raman distribution tablet 2
raman distribution tablet 3
raman distribution tablet 4
raman distribution tablet 5


At MVA’s Raman Spectroscopy Laboratory, we provide our customers with a full range of Raman analyses to test and analyze small contamination areas, identify materials in small target areas, and measure stress in a variety of materials.

Raman Spectroscopy Techniques:


Wide Range of Dispersive Raman Spectrometers

  • 532nm and 785nm laser excitation
  • Macro or microscopic analysis
  • Polarization analysis for measuring molecular orientation

Raman Microscopy and Mapping

  • Confocal Raman microscopy with 532nm and 785nm laser excitation
  • Non-destructive depth profiling
  • Analysis of microscopic samples
  • Automated spectral mapping with motorized stage
  • Mapping and imaging of chemical composition, crystallinity, orientation, strain, additive migration, etc.
  • Coating characterization, cure, stratification, uniformity, etc.

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