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Surface Topography Characterization Services

Surface topography, surface roughness or surface texture is extremely important in a wide range of finished products and their applications. When manufacturing a product or part, it is vital to ensure that the surface texture or topography of the material meets the manufacturing specification. This is a big part of quality control to guarantee the performance of the end product. When a part or product surface topography does not meet manufacturing specification, the performance may be reduced or even cause a failure.

Surface Topography analysis services offered in our lab include:

  • Determination of Average Roughness (Ra)
  • Determination of Average Root Mean Square Roughness (Rq)
  • Determination of Total Roughness (Rt)
  • Surface Elemental Analysis
  • High Resolution Surface Imaging

In our surface analysis laboratory, surface topography characterization is performed using a non-contact white light interferometry method. This profiling analysis provides 2D and 3D images of a surface with insights into surface roughness, dimensions and shape. This technique is non-destructive and has a fast scanning time.

Surface Roughness Analysis of Glass Surface
Surface Roughness Analysis of Glass Surface

Surface Roughness Profile of a Delaminated Glass Surface
Surface Roughness Profile of a Delaminated Glass Surface

Surface analysis by white light interferometry is well-suited to address numerous applications. Common sample types include moldings, automobile parts, electronics, leathers, papers, failed components, medical devices and solar panels. Accommodating many sample geometries, our surface topography characterization lab offers an array of possible dimension analyses and a versatile Z-range.

In addition to the interferometry method, MVA Scientific Consultants also has two scanning electron microscopes (SEM) that can provide high resolution surface imaging. SEM is a very powerful technique for surface analysis. It is a non-destructive technique and provides extremely high magnification. It can achieve a lateral resolution in the nanometer range. When coupled to an energy dispersive x-ray (EDS) system, the SEM can also obtain surface elemental composition of a sample.

SEM Imaging of  Screw Threads
SEM Imaging of Screw Threads

SEM Analysis of a Circuit Board
SEM Analysis of a Circuit Board

MVA’s surface and material analysis experts have over 25 years of experience in developing unique and creative solutions to solve our customer’s surface topography characterization needs.

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