“The Application of Automated Scanning Electron Microscopy/Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometry to the Identification of Sources of Lead-Rich Particles in Soil & Dust”

1992:34: Vander Wood, Brown

Environmental Choices Technical Supplement, July/August 1992, Vol:1 #1, pp. 26-32, 1992


Lead is released into the environment principally in particulate form. Automated scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry can be used to identify and locate lead-rich particles in environmental samples. These particles can then be subjected to more detailed morphological and elemental analysis while still mounted in the microscope, and their properties compared to the properties of particles of known derivation. This comparison can be used to determine the source(s) of lead to the sample and to provide a guide for amelioration of the contamination problem.

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