Zonolite Attic Insulation Exposure Studies (2010)


Int J. Occup. Environ Health, 16:279-290, 2010


Several studies were designed and conducted to evaluate amphibole asbestos exposures in homes containing Zonolite (expanded vermiculite) attic insulation (ZAI). A range of tasks selected for evaluation included cleaning, working around, moving, and removal of ZAI in attics and living spaces.

The fieldwork for these studies was conducted at two homes in Spokane, WA and one home in Silver Spring, MD. Personal and area air samples were collected and analyzed as part of the exposure studies. Surface dust samples and bulk samples were also collected and analyzed. The results demonstrated that airborne concentrations of amphibole asbestos were not elevated if the material is undisturbed. The results also demonstrated that cleaning, remodeling, and other activities did produce significant concentrations of airborne amphibole asbestos when the ZAI was disturbed.

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