“A Close Examination of Asbestos-Containing Debris”

1990:83: Brown, Millette

NAC Journal 8 (3); 38-40


For a variety of reasons asbestos-containing fireproofing may release material pieces in a range of sizes.

Small pieces (less than a cubic centimeter) of asbestos-containing material are often seen by the unaided eye lying on ceiling tiles installed below spray-applied fireproofing. During routine maintenance activities or in other situations when the tiles are moved, these particles may fall on the floor. There may be a tendency to dismiss these small particles as an insignificant source of asbestos contamination. Under a magnifying glass (5x) asbestos fibers may appear to be completely encased in a binder (gypsum or clay) and, therefore, would not be considered available to be released into the environment.

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