“Asbestos-containing Sheet Gaskets and Packing”


Chapter 6. In: Sourcebook on Asbestos Diseases, Vol. 12. Asbestos Health Risks. G.A. Peters and B.J. Peters, Eds., Michie, Charlottesville, VA. p153-188

Editor’s Commentary:

The “releasability” of asbestos fibers from gaskets and other materials is an issue of considerable importance. This is particularly true where the material seems to have tightly bound asbestos (non-friable) and human contact is infrequent or just not considered in risk evaluations. The question is whether such materials could present a significant episodic or cumulative health risk during foreseeable installation, cleaning, abrasion, deterioration, wear, maintenance, damage, repair, disassembly, disposal, or other operations or events that could effect the material. The ultimate issue is: should there be a health risk, what special precautions need be taken to prevent harmful human exposure to the airborne asbestos released from the materials?

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