Particulate Analysis Lab Course Update

Hi folks, Due to overwhelming demand, registration for our two-day Foreign Particulate Analysis Workshop taught at the PDA Training and Research Institute is closed. We are looking forward to meeting all of the students. If you didn’t get … [Read more...]

Foreign Material Identification

foreign material idenification

Contamination is an ongoing battle for every pharmaceutical company. When pharmaceutical manufacturers encounter foreign material contamination in products, they have to quarantine the product and investigate and identify the origin of the … [Read more...]

Contamination Identification in Drug Tablet

Contamination identification in drug tablet

Drug tablets are occasionally tainted or stained with contaminants that can come from various sources. Some common sources are lubricants from manufacturing equipment and residues from packaging material. The contamination could happen … [Read more...]

Identification of Particulate Contamination in Pharmaceutical Products

polymer analysis by SEM

Pharmaceutical ingredients undergo stringent testing guidelines to meet tough quality standards. In rare occasions, passing USP compendial testing cannot guarantee the pharmaceutical ingredients are not tainted with foreign contaminants. … [Read more...]