Contamination Identification and Testing Services

foreign material in solution


We provide the following contamination identification and testing services:

  • Surface contamination analysis
  • Particulate contamination identification
  • Off-color contamination analysis
  • Stain contamination identification
  • Emission contamination characterization
  • Particulate analysis for injectables and other pharmaceutical products

Contamination is both a common and a serious problem for many industries. When the contamination issue is not quarantined appropriately, it can lead to product recall and manufacturing suspension, which could cause severe financial and reputation damage.

Contaminants can be mixed in solids or liquids or can present as foreign inclusions in polymers or fibers. MVA Scientific Consultants is equipped with different analytical instruments to handle different types of contamination identification projects.

For contamination identification, our analyses give information on the shape, size and color of the contaminants. When appropriate, we also provide information on the molecular and elemental composition of the contaminants. Most importantly, our project leaders work with clients to compare the contaminant to known materials to try to identify the source of the contamination.

MVA Scientific Consultants understands that contamination projects require an urgent response. Our experienced staff has over 25 years of experience in working with a wide range of industries and clients on contamination identification. We provide quality service with reliable turnaround time. Our goal is to help clients identify the composition of the contamination and determine its source.

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