“Examining the Fine Particle Component of Grout Dust by Automated SEM”

2002:12: Millette, Brown

Microscope, Vol 50:1 1-3


Grout is primarily a mixture of sand and Portland cement. Dust that may be released during the handling of dry grout products consists primarily of the Portland cement fraction. The Portland cement particles, which are found in commercial cement products, are a result of grinding clinker to a fine powder and intergrinding gypsum at about 5% by weight in the last step of the process to produce a homogeneous powder. X-ray diffraction has been used to characterize the components of the overall material in terms of their crystal structure. Automated scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (SEM-EDS) was used in this study to characterize the fine particle fraction from a polymeric modified Portland cement-based grout in terms of particle size and composition.