Industrial Hygiene Testing – Dust Analysis

Dust is ubiquitous in our environment but generally falls into one of three categories: household dust, workplace dust and industrial dust. Each type of dust is made up of different constituents from its surrounding environment and these dust and debris particles from industrial sites, a workplace or even homes can be potentially hazardous.

Dust analysis, or dust characterization, can help identify the different individual constituents in dust samples. At MVA Scientific Consultants’ dust analysis laboratory, we use a combination of polarized light microscopy, infrared spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy to identify the different particles in dust.

Light Microscopy image of dust.
This is a light microscopy image of household dust.

Household dust is commonly made up of skin cells, hairs, pollen, minerals, mold, bug parts, paper fibers and carpet fibers. While these particles are not harmful, there could be extraneous particles, allergens or toxic materials in household dust that can cause allergic reactions.

If your facility or clients have a need for dust testing and characterization, please let us know and we will be happy to assist. You can reach us at 770-662-8509 or by email.

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