“Microscopical Studies of the Asbestos Fiber Release During Cutting and Stripping of Wire Cables”

1999:64: Millette

Microscope, 47(3): 159-161


Microscopical tests including polarized light microscopy (PLM), phase contrast microscopy (PCM), and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) were used in the testing for possible fiber release during cutting and stripping of wire cables that contain asbestos insulation. The testing was done in controlled plastic enclosures large enough for a worker to cut and strip wire cables as had been done for making electrical connections. The concentrations of airborne fibers greater than 5 um in length were not significantly different from the detection limits during cutting and stripping of the four wire cables containing asbestos that were tested. The concentrations of asbestos fibers of all sizes in the air (TEM concentrations) were not increased over detection limits.

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