Particle Characterization



Particles have intrinsic characteristics and properties that are important to manufacturers, suppliers, and end users. MVA Scientific Consultants specializes in particle size distribution, particle imaging, particle identification, and particle elemental composition measurement.

Particle Size Distribution
Do you know the size of the particles that you are working with? Size is one of the most important physical properties of particles. Particle size distribution analysis is routinely performed across various industries. Whether you are a raw material manufacturer, supplier, a manufacturer that incorporates particles in their product or a particle emissions source, having information on the size distribution of particles or particulates can be critical for compliance testing or to the quality of the final product.

Particle Imaging
Do you know the shape or surface texture of the particles that you incorporate in your product? Do you know the morphology of your final blend formulation? Particle shape is another important property that can have significant impact on the quality and performance of your material or products. Particle shape contributes to interactions between particles in the microenvironment, and it can have an effect on the finish of a surface, solubility of a drug, or final structural property of a foam. Particle surface texture is also critical in ensuring particles with rough surfaces are not used in applications where smooth particles are needed.

Particle Identification
Do you have any unknown particles or particulate that you want to identify? Whether these particles are extrinsic contaminants or intrinsic to the product itself, it is important to figure out what went wrong in the production process, determine the source of the particulate contamination, and eliminate it from the process.

Particle Elemental Composition
Do you know the elemental composition of your raw materials or airborne particulates? Particle elemental composition tells you what elements are present – essential information for quality control.