Patent Infringement Analysis and Scientific Litigation Support Lab

Patent Infringement Analysis
and Scientific Litigation Support Lab

Patent Infringement Analysis and Scientific Litigation Support Lab

With an increasingly competitive landscape across the electronic, automotive and pharmaceutical industries, the cost involved in patent infringement is reaching a stratospheric height. Patent infringement can have severe impacts on a company’s brand recognition, sales and revenue.

Whether it’s a process patent, formulation patent or design patent, materials analysis experts at MVA Scientific Consultants can assist in your patent infringement and litigation case. Our analytical scientists provide detailed examinations and comprehensive analyses necessary to demonstrate the infringement (or lack thereof) and assist you throughout the development of the case.

Litigation Support in Pharmaceuticals

In the pharmaceutical industry, formulation patent infringement is one of the major concerns. Formulation infringement issues can be on the dosage of active pharmaceutical ingredients, the distribution of the ingredients, or the shape and size of active ingredients.

When challenges involve litigation, our materials analysis experts and laboratory are equipped to help. We provide the technical and professional expertise to support legal cases involving suspected patent infringement of pharmaceutical products.

Our materials analysis scientist are experienced and savvy in designing independent experiments and protocols to investigate the suggested patent infringement issues. We are detailed in writing comprehensive reports to support the case and are skilled in explaining technical methods and results in layman terms for court testimony.

Polymer beads in filter matrix
Contamination identification in drug tablet
Contamination in drug tablet
Litigation support services

  • Case evaluation
  • Method development and testing
  • Technical data interpretation
  • Data review
  • Trial preparation
  • Depositions and trial testimony
Examples of MVA Scientific Consultants’ litigation support projects:

  • Medical device patent infringement
  • Coatings patent infringement
  • Raw ingredient patent infringement
  • Failure analysis in electronic products
  • Litigation claims for cosmetic products
  • Pharmaceutical tablets formulation infringement study

With over 26 years of experience, MVA Scientific Consultants has solved over 11,000 interesting and challenging problems.

Our philosophy has always been to provide clients with the highest quality data that will be valuable in helping them solve their issues.


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