“Proposed ASTM Method for the Determination of Asbestos in Air by TEM and Information on Interfering Fibers”

2000:63: Millette, Boltin

Advances in Environmental Measurement Methods for Asbestos, ASTM STP 1342, M.E. Beard and H.L. Rook, Eds., American Society for Testing and Materials (Note: The “Proposed” Method is now ASTM Standard Method 6281).


The draft of the ASTM Test Method for air entitled: “Airborne Asbestos Concentration in Ambient and Indoor Atmospheres as Determined by Transmission Electron Microscopy Direct Transfer (TEM)” (ASTM Z7077Z) is an adaptation of the International Standard, ISO 10312. It is currently undergoing a revision in regard to the reporting of confidence intervals for analysis results. The method differs considerably from the AHERA air clearance analysis method in that the counting rules provide a fairly complete characterization of the sizes of structures and structural components of asbestos-containing particles in the air.

With the information derived from a full analysis, it is possible to determine the total asbestos structure count, the total fiber count, the PCM equivalent fiber count, the AHERA equivalent structure count and a number of other count values based on specific criteria. Examples of non-asbestos fibers which might interfere with the analysis (antigorite, palygorskite, halloysite, hornblende, sepiolite and vermiculite scrolls) are also included.

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