“Releasability of Asbestos Fibers From Asbestos-Containing Gaskets”


EIA Technical Journal, Fall 1995


Under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), the Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) must conduct reinspections every three years of all “friable and nonfriable known or assumed ACBM.” Among the materials that the LEAs are to consider for reinspection are “other materials such as boiler fire brick, gaskets, and caulking which may have been missed.” If an inspector overlooked a suspect material during the original AHERA inspection, there is no specific requirement that it be included in the reinspection. However, any missed actual or suspect ACBM present in the school represent a violation of AHERA for which both the LEA and the original inspector could be liable (1).

Gaskets represent an asbestos-containing material (ACM) which is somewhat different from the surfacing material easily observable in an asbestos survey. The term “gasket” is a general term for a number of sealing materials, including sheet gaskets, packing and asbestos rope. This paper presents information primarily about sheet gasket materials. Packing is often found inside valve systems and asbestos rope has been used on boiler and furnace doors.

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