Foreign Material Identification

foreign material idenification

Contamination is an ongoing battle for every pharmaceutical company. When pharmaceutical manufacturers encounter foreign material contamination in products, they have to quarantine the product and investigate and identify the origin of the … [Read more...]

Contamination Identification in Drug Tablet

Contamination identification in drug tablet

Drug tablets are occasionally tainted or stained with contaminants that can come from various sources. Some common sources are lubricants from manufacturing equipment and residues from packaging material. The contamination could happen … [Read more...]

It’s official! MVA Scientific Consultants is a quarter century old!

MVA New Website

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we have unveiled a brand new website: Looking back it’s incredible to see how MVA has evolved from a kitchen table with a couple of light microscopes into a full analytical microscopy lab. With … [Read more...]

Foreign Material in Fast Food

THE PROBLEM: A national restaurant chain received a complaint from a customer about an unidentified green material found on a piece of bread used in a top selling menu item. To adequately address the complaint, the restaurant needed to … [Read more...]