Using D6602-03b to Investigate Dark Environmental Particles (2011)


The Carbon Aggregate, Summer 2011, Vol.11, No.1
The Newsletter of ASTM Committee D24 on Carbon Black


The ASTM Standard Practice D6602-03b: “Sampling and Testing of Possible Carbon Black Fugitive Emissions or Other Environmental Particulate, or Both,” provides an excellent framework for the microscopy studies necessary to determine the identity and possible source of dark surface contamination including that caused by carbon black. The ASTM Standard Test Method D3274 and the ASTM Standard D4610 deal with discoloration and deterioration of paint films and are also useful in some cases.

When the question arises about the identity of a “sooty”-appearing contamination on outdoor surfaces, a combination of the mandatory sections of Practice D6602 that involve transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and the non-mandatory microscopical examination by stereomicroscope and polarized light microscopy (PLM) provides a very useful approach.

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