“Applications of the ASTM Asbestos in Dust Method D5755″

Advances in Environmental Measurement Methods for Asbestos, ASTM STP 1342, M.E. Beard and H.L. Rook, Eds., American Society for Testing and Materials


The American Society for Testing and Materials Standard Method D5755 (Asbestos Count Dust Method) is used by a variety of industrial hygienists, architects, engineers, laboratories and environmental consultants in their assessments of asbestos fibers in a building. Dust sampling provides information that cannot be obtained with bulk sampling or air sampling. Information obtained used Method D5755 has been used to assess the extent of contamination resulting from an accidental or unauthorized disturbance of asbestos containing material and to assist in making decisions about cleaning a potentially contaminated area. In some cases, the asbestos values in the dust have been compared to the values determined in the dust from other areas deemed to be non-contaminated. In other situations, the levels of 1,000 str/cm2 or 10,000 str/cm2 have been used in decision making.

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