“Decon: A Case Study in Technology”

1990:85: Millette

Asbestos Issues


The methods for determining the amount of asbestos in asbestos-containing building material (ACM) and for handling the removal of ACM from school buildings are well-documented under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule known as the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA),1 and in other EPA publications.2-3 The guidance provided in these EPA documents generally can be applied to most building situations with a few appropriate modifications. Although the EPA has pursued some work on contaminated carpets,4 the questions from building owners confronted with items contaminated by asbestos-containing dust (ACD) only recently have begun to receive federal agency attention.5 To a building owner or tenant in a public building, it is important to know when furnishings, equipment and other office finishes are contaminated with asbestos; how these items can be cleaned’ and what procedures are necessary during and following the cleaning process to ensure that the articles are cleaned without contaminating workers or other areas in the building.

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