Nanomaterial Characterization

Nanomaterials Characterization
Nanomaterials Lab Services
  • Nanoparticle size, morphology, dispersion & homogeneity analysis
  • Nanomaterials characterization
  • Analysis of consumer products for nanomaterials
  • Identification of nanomaterials
  • Raman analysis of nanomaterials
  • Contaminant analysis
  • Competitors’ product comparison
  • Crystalline phase determination
  • Workplace nanoparticle exposure monitoring
Nanomaterials are increasingly used by manufacturers because of their unique properties in making products stronger and more durable. Due to their novelty, standardized nanomaterial analysis methods are uncommon. With the potential environmental and health impacts unclear, manufacturers incorporating nanomaterials should thoroughly characterize their products to determine the potential for nanoparticle release during usage. With over two decades of experience, MVA Scientific Consultants is a leader in the area of nanomaterial characterization.

If you are a nanomaterial manufacturer, MVA can provide the analyses to characterize your nanoparticles: particle size distribution, elemental composition, shape and morphology analysis.

If you are a product manufacturer, MVA can provide analyses to show the nanoparticle dispersion in the final product and also test for potential nanoparticle release during product use.