Surface Analysis and Surface Measurement Lab

Surface Analysis & Surface Measurement Lab

Optical Profilometry Surface Measurement

Surface measurement, also known as surface metrology – refers to the measurement of topography or surface roughness of precision surfaces. Surface roughness and the details of the surface profile determine the performance and appearance of many products. The roughness or texture of a part is important for a surface’s suitability in different applications.

Component failures are often related to a precision surface that was not manufactured to specification, either due to an improperly set up machine or use of a process that is not capable of reproducing the quality of surface needed.

Surface Measurement System Features

Scanning white light interference microscopy is a non-contact optical profilometry technique used to obtain three-dimensional images and quantitative measurement of surface texture or “roughness.” The technique requires minimal sample preparation, is non-destructive, extremely fast and able to analyze a variety of sample types. Surface measurements include surface shape, surface finish, surface profile roughness (Ra), surface texture, and structural characterization.

surface measurement of anodized aluminum
Surface measurement of anodized aluminum.

Typical roughness statistics calculated for each
surface include:

  • Ra (average roughness)
  • .
  • Rq (average root mean square roughness)
  • .
  • Rt (total roughness)
Examples of MVA’s surface measurement projects include:

  • Surface roughness measurement of mechanical parts
  • Measurement of coating finishes on parts
  • Surface analysis of medical device implants
  • Contact molding analysis
  • Comparison of solar panels
  • Cast member filter
  • Polymer surface smoothness

Unlike stylus profilometry and physical cross-sectioning techniques, interference microscopy results in hundreds of sample “cross-sections” without ever touching the sample surface. The data can then be plotted as a three-dimensional representation of the sample surface. Sampling of large areas is possible with the motorized and automated sample stage.

surface roughness of pits on aluminum printing drum
Surface roughness of pits on aluminum printing drum.
surface analysis of polymer coating
Surface analysis of polymer coating.
surface topography of periodic groove
Surface topography of periodic groove.

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